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If you love old-fashioned crossword books like I do...you’ll LOVE this virtual one!!! 😁

It’s alright

Pretty good only a few complaints. When you get an extra word that isn’t in the word count for that level it should definitely still count as extra instead of it not counting. Also I paid for something to get rid of ads and I still have them sometimes.

Love it

Keeps my mind going I let my kids play and it’s helped with their spelling a lot


Fun game, but lots of ads.

Love this!!

Great game that exercises my brain functions!!

Too many points to get a clue.

120 points is too much for a clue. Sometimes I choose not to play because it is too time consuming.


Great way to kill some time


Love this game!

Can’t sleep

Very addictive can’t stop playing this game

Great Game

I play this game every night. I think it helps keep my mind working!

Fun for the entire family!

Every time I start playing, my kids hear the music playing in the background and run to join in. Love that it makes them think hard.

Brain worker

Wife has it and helping her out so I decided to get my own


Very entertaining love it

Great concept, poor execution

I love the idea of this game. The people who came up with the concept deserve a lot of credit. The issue I have is that there are SO MANY words they don’t recognize that it can be infuriating. Nevertheless I keep playing.

Great Game

I really enjoy this game. It works my brain and as you get older it is very important to keep your brain active. Give it a try.

Elizabeth Ferrante

Interesting keeps your mind active. Very good for your mental health Only a beginner but am enjoying it very much.


Addicting game

Fun and challenging

This game taxes my word skills and sharpens my brain.

Word Connect

Fun way to pass the time and improve vocabulary

Love the game but tired of the ads

I love this game so much that I paid to get rid of the ads. However, the ads are not completely gone which is disappointing. Please do as you advertise.


This game is relaxing and mind activating at the same time. Good for those days when traveling alone or for when you need to rest the mind from every events....


Great game


Great to work on spelling

Sin igual

Me ayuda a tener mente alerta gracias es todo

I love this game

This game is awesome

Game is addictive!

I just started this game a couple of days ago and cant stop playing. Used to pmY Word Cookies, but this is much more exciting. Love It!

You should get this game and my name is Alayna 😂



This is a fun game


Addictive! Just can’t put it down

Daily game

Great exercise for your mind. I play it most every day! Thanks!

Brain health

I have always been a word person. I am 70 years old and I have always done crosswords another word games and puzzles. I really like this game, and most of the time can solve the puzzles on my own. When I get stuck I send it to my son and he fill in the blanks, otherwise I'd be pretty frustrated. Thanks for the fun.

Money wasted

The game overall is time consuming, which is nice, however I’m a little confused on the fact that I spent $2.99 for no ads yet they somehow pop up? Can someone explain this to me?


Very engaging fun game. It keeps my brain sharp and has increased my vocabulary tremendously

Love this game

My entire family is addicted to playing this game

So much FUN

So much fun Keeps my 66yr old brain thinking

Great game

I play this game everyday!

Great game

This a a great game for seniors. Sharpens your mind


Fun word game

Ad choices

It has political ads. I deleted the App. I Do not need someone’s personal agenda being forced while playing a game. That is ridiculous.

Love the challenge

This is the second device that I have this game on, I love the word puzzles! It surprises me how hard the 2 or 3 letter words can be to find.

Great Game!

Makes you pause and think!

Great game

Fun and easy but gradually challenging. Excellent

My Go-to Word Fun

Love it! Challenging but fair. Never out of my hand. I’ve become soooo smart! And, oh yeah, I’m 80.

Love it

Great game


It’s really fun. Easy to get extra points to help you when needed.

Great game!

Fast, fun and challenging. Doesn’t glitch or crash at all.

Más niveles

Cuando van a poner más niveles? Solo actualizan el interfaz pero no actualizan para mas niveles! Se tardan mucho. Saludos

Best game ever

I love this game so much and it kills a lot of time if you are on a trip.It also use your brain and you have to think about what the word is it takes me about 30 minutes to find a long word.this game is so much fun thanks for inventing this game.♥️❤️💝📲📱🖥💻👌🏼🤗🤗🤗🤗


They say that Word games keep your mind sharp so I’m trying it and having fun doing it

Word connect

Love it

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