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It's really fun and you can get hints.it is really fun


I was led to this app via another game, and after a couple hundred levels, still does nothing like what was presented. It showed selecting words out of a matrix, not assembling random words from a pile. It is not even good at that. Pay to remove ads? Yes, because they are more annoying than most apps, but I’m not paying for this. Good bye.

Word palabras conectadas

Simplemente fantástico

Limited knowledge

This is a semi-fun game and semi-frustrating one. The game would be interestingly more desirable if basic words and conjugates (plural, etc.) existed in this game. What does that mean? It means, the game has a very limited vocabulary and therefore extra points are hard to earn when your knowledge is more vast than the game's. The only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 3 is b/c I'm at level 518 and the 5 letter word, "flour" doesn't exist and nor does the 4 letter word, "four".

Hope you like the game

This game is fun you should download it and play it all day every one should play with the app it even has really Pretty music 🎶 if you download it you have to pay it every day it is free and it’s so fun to play with


I am still enjoying this at # 509 as I did when I first started.

So many ads

30 second ads between each game? Not worth my time. I get that there's a contract between users and developers for free games and I realize that developers get more money for longer ads. However, when an average round lasts 5 - 10 seconds and then you force a 30 data eating video ad on me, you're wasting my time. Congrats, your app lasted exactly 5 minutes. If you weren't so greedy, it actually was a fun game. Since my first review they have begun running ads during a round; in the middle of making a word an ad runs. This game should be called Gilt 2.0. Ok game if you like watching ads. Deleted it within one week.

Word shuffle

I’m sure that you would love to play this game. It’s a great way to keep your mind sharp.

Hot phone

I’m really enjoying this game but my phone gets really hot while playing it.

It stopped working

It crashes the moment i open it. It no longer works. This has been going on every day for more than a week


Needs more free themes. Great game. Meds larger assortment of words.

Sound issues

Good game, but i turned the sound and music off, but adds are really loud. I play after I put my kid down, so it’s always a potential problem and super annoying.

Great game

Keeps my mind sharp 👍🏽💯👌🏽🧐🤓




Very clever and nice


I love the game


Excellent word game 🤗😁 Fun game to play👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Like it but...

Fun game but if I try sending a help request through fb messenger it closes and just goes back to the game screen and won’t let me send the request.

I loved it

I really like this game because it keeps me learning more.

I love this game


Great game

Great way to keep the brain challenged with spelling.

My favorite game.

The best entertaining game ever. I love it.

Awesome game

This word find game is intriguing and a bit challenging, which is what make me love this game. It is relaxing and a great way to unwind after a long work day.


Love the challenge!!


Like it so far. Still in easy mode. Like word games


Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the game so much

I always wanted to scream and this is the game this is the one thing I always want to I'm never going to stop pulling this until I know I'm gonna be good on this I know because I'm so smart I get Austin is at school and he never like Santa Clouse I don't care if your name is Sam talk Clouse your name is Sam Moore close took your name is Sam Marlowes always game


Great thinking game... Keeps you sharp

Really addicting

This game at first sounds like it would boring but then once you play it it gets really addicting and so fun I would recommend it to anyone!!




This is really fun

Tons of fun!

Love playing this game!!

Nice word game

I like the game but the ads are ridiculous.

Great Game

I totally love this game but don’t like the music in the background, so I turn it off.


This game is so much fun to pass the time I totally reconvened it when you are bored!!

Great Game

Great game it keeps your mind healthy I love it! Love it love it

Love this game

If you want to keep your mind working this is the game to do it. Just love it.

Horrible update

Was a great game, new update awful. It no longer recognizes legitimate words so you don’t get credit for them. Needs to be fixed before I play again

baby game

this is a baby game. also android is better than iphone

Word Connect

Never boring! If you like word games, you will love this!

Loved it

Easy to learn quick to play lots of fun!

Word Connect

Love the game, but......it isn't accepting some very common words. Free hints video doesn't work. Some words it used to take are not valid now. Does anyone read this? These problems aren't be addressed....so I'm gonna have to quit soon.

Could be 4 1/2 or five

Could be a 4 1/2 for a five star rating. However I can’t believe how many words it doesn’t know. It’s pretty silly for a game like this have a ‘glitch’ With even basic words.


This game is so fun but it is addicting. I can't hardly put it down once I start playing. My kids also really enjoy playing this game. It's great with helping their vocabulary and word recognition skills. I like how the level of difficulty varies as you play the game. The drawback is if you become stumped, there is no way to skip a puzzle. You have to gather hints and spend your coins to solve the puzzle and proceed but that's not enough to make me stop playing.


I enjoyed this for a while until I realized that a lot of the words seemed to favor a certain religion. I’m done.


Addicting and fun

Love this game!

It reminds me of playing Boggle with my family. Love it.

5 Stars

Great brain exercise!


Muy entretenido y educativo.

Love It!

Fun, easy-great way to relax!

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