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Fun word game

Great game to keep the Mind going!

Word cookies

App is very good and I really like it. Problem is there are way tooo many ads. Ads are not silenced automatically either which is inconvenient in public as well as at home.


A fun and relaxing game

Great game!

Brain stimulating. Love it! Would have gotten 5 stars but the adds are overwhelming. Way to many!

Word Connect

Awesome. Keeps my mind busy so I don't cry since I'm on bed rest after my son passed away.

Word Connect

Fun game. Addictive, and challenging. Enjoyable

Word Connect

I so love this game!!!


Great game

Simplistic and a Waste

I was expecting a grid of, say 8x8 tiles to make words. Somewhat like Ruzzle, but bigger. Spending 20 levels or more with 3 or 4 letters is a waste.

Fun & sometimes challenging

Have always liked word games. Hope improving cognition!

Game on

I enjoy this game because it relaxes me but keeps me thinking.

Nice game

Nice game


Mentally challenging. Expands vocabulary.


Awesome game I love it

Great fun

Addictive.....the harder it gets, the more you want to play. And it has rewards!


This is a brainteaser

I love it

Cute game. Keeps me busy.

Great way to relax!

I love this game in between anytime I have a break with work or down time with housework ❤️

Awsome game!

Very fun, very challenging. It never gets old.


This is now my favorite word game. So far no complaints. I love it better than words with friends because it's not sending me uninvited people to play.


Great for your mind


I really do love this game. Most people may not like these type of games but I do and I find it not only enjoyable but a fun little brainteaser game. I like a challenge and this game has plenty.

Dictionary words

Basically love this app however some of the answers or words that I've never heard of and when I look them up in the dictionary I can't find them

Too easy and too many interruptions

As soon as you solve one puzzle it has you opening boxes, spinning, asking if you like the game, then add. There's nothing engrossing.


Bueno para mantener el cerebro activo


My favorite game!! I play it everyday🤗🙂

No possible word

I got up to the mid-level 300s, and the 6 letters offered did not make a 6-letter word. I googled variations of it quite a few times and never did find one, so I deleted the app. Have been searching for an app similar to it, bc I liked it, but so far haven't found one.

Paying for hints

Too expensive!!!


Words are entirely too easy. I very rarely find myself stuck or even having to look at letters multiple times. There's a slot machine-esque mechanic that really serves no purpose. There are 3 slots and out of the 7-8 times that I have rolled the first two slots are always 0 and 1 and the last number is the only one actually being rolled. With the possibility to get up to 999 coins I always get 12-16... it's annoying and rigged


I really love this game and many times I get stuck but it is keeping my mind working and thoughtful


I love it! In fact I play it all day! It’s fun, it’s challenging and I like it. So 5 star rating from me! :)

Great way to kill time

I found this site while at the airport. It's a great way to kill time and keep your brain active. Can also play while in airplane mode while flying.


Great to play keeps you thinking

Word game fun

Love this game. Sharpens the mind.

Word game

I really enjoy word game but you only get paid under a dollar in all bonuses.


Adults can relax with the Zen music. Children can work on spelling skills with the Cvc pattern words.

Waaaaay too many ads

10 minutes in, and I’ve seen about 50 ads so far. A level takes like 5 seconds and then another ad pops up. I’m out.

Enjoy this game.

Enjoy the daily challenge and I believe it helps keep my mind sharp.

Ms Nic All Nite

i enjoy this game and sometimes i even play it with my husband if i get stumped and dont want to use a hint. 8-)


Fun and a challenge


Great game I love it and so do my kids ! Spent all evening as a family playing it and it was nice to see the kids getting to join in and teaching them to find words and shocking my 8 and 7 year old were doing better than Mom lol

Word Cookies for better gameplay.

Poor word library/recognition, too limited. Too many requests for sharing, turning on notifications, buying packages, etc WAY too soon. Decent UI and Music.


I finally found a game that I can play by myself, is challenging but not so difficult that I give up! Love it!

Word connect

Love word games love this.!!

Great for seniors

This will keep your mind challenged! A lot of fun!

Great game

Love this game. It taxes my brain and makes me think. Sometimes I can't get a word and then when I finally get it, I can't believe it took me so long for that easy word.


Love this word game it's so enjoyable and keeps your mind challenged!

Love it.

My wife and I both use it on our phones. Can be challenging but we enjoy it.


Overall, this is an enjoyable, fun game for killing time. I like the hidden, extra words on each level. My only complaints are that there doesn't seem to be any consistency about when or if plural words are accepted. And there are far too many ads. That gets very annoying. Otherwise, a good little game.

Awesome Game

Fun and makes you think.

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