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It’s good

Great, holds your attention, fun . It never gets boring. Get It you will be smiling. Mary

Sometimes a work out for your brain

This really gets your brain working! I really like this game.

Too many ads

Interrupted after every section

Word Connect

I enjoy playing Word Connect. I like to challenge myself to see how quickly I can complete each puzzle. It’s good exercise for the mind.

Vocabulary Issues

I enjoy this game as a distraction and de-stressor. I know a lot more words than it does, but guessing what it wants to see can be entertaining. The thing I don’t like is the occasional disgusting words I have to include because it does. With so many other words left out, why include “snot?” That ruins the fun.


Too much fun without a lot of othought

Good game! I like it . It improves my vocabulary. Thanks creators!


Disappointed, not as advertised

If the game that downloaded for me is what someone is looking for, then it’s a nice job of it, thus my middle-mark rating. But I downloaded this game from seeing an ad in another game... I’m on level 30 and still haven’t seen anything at all like what interested me from the ad. I’ve looked all over, and I don’t even have that orange puzzle option icon on Home screen (the pic shown in the App Store here has it, but it’s not on my game). I even saw the same ad for itself while playing this game, so I tried clicking to install, thinking maybe I somehow got the wrong version... nope, it said I already had the game from the ad. I’ve also already checked for updates and there are none. I wanted to play the scrolling word hunt game from the ad. Instead, I only have another version of a game I already had. Maybe puzzle modes unlock at some higher level?? If so, it should be mentioned, as I’m not interested in playing on and on hoping that maybe the next level will finally get me into the game I thought I downloaded. Again, nice execution for a simple Boggle-type word making game, if that is what you are after. I’m just still looking for the fun, but different, scrolling word search game I saw advertised.

Fun to play

This one is fun and makes you think !

Word Connect

Been addicted since 2nd day ... love it!!


Love the game except when you complete a level...which is a lot of work...and you spin the wheel for your bonus it rarely gives you more than 20 points. Doesn’t feel like enough bonus points for all the work put into getting there...just saying...

Awesome brain teaser

Read somewhere for all ages to remain young learn something new, it was an amazing experience for me learn this and spend quality time

Love this game

Me and my 8 yr old play all the time and her spelling has improved so much very educational

Morning ritual

The day doesn’t really start until the daily challenge is complete. The crossword challenge is excellent

Word connect

Keeps crashing

Pure enjoyment

This is the perfect game for me. It is a pure enjoyment to sit down and play this game.

no free hints

Like the app, but the past few days anytime the "free hint" icon pops up nothing happens after I click on it. The icon simply disappears.


Keeps the mind in tune


I play this game every morning to get my brain kick started. It’s a great way to get your mind working. I love it.

Use all the words

I wish you could have all the words that are possible in your searches. It’s frustrating when I find a word that doesn’t come up.

Great game

Great game to pass time while I nurse my newborn. Could do with less ads but I would rather deal with those than have to pay for it.

Good and knowledgeable make person to know more



Awesome game. At times very challenging but so much fun and makes your brain function with lots of thinking. Also improves your vocabulary. Love this game!

Word Connect is a Blast

I thinks this game is a lotta fun. There are random letters that you try to arrange into wurds . Starts out easy butt gets real hard. Good luck to all you word nuts !!!


It’s alright love it


Love this game. Hours of entertainment. Great for brain exercises.

WORD Connect

I have a number of bonus words that the game did not give credit for. Contact me at 304-445-4053 for a list.


So much fun!!!


Makes me want to become faster and better with words.


Love this game because it challenges my mind and keeps me sharp!!


I really enjoyed this game.

Keeps me on my toes

Especially with the Plantar Fasciitis!

Grandma plays

Great to play while waiting to pick up grandkids!


I really enjoy playing this game.


Need more opportunity for hints

Word crap should be name

The game pictured in advertising isn’t game that downloads ...a crappy version downloaded....should be fraud

Word Connect

I love this game. I make sure to do at least one game every morning. I look at it as Brain Calisthenics 😅

Treasure T

Extremely addictive!! Tests your brain. A whole lot of fun❤️

I'm on level 2076 and love it

This is one of the few games I've played that lets you move up by watching commercials not locking you out for 24. Hours I love it! I’m now on level 2076, and some of these upper levels are hard, which is great.


Enjoying and addicting!


Great game. Very addictive.

Great game

Great game, enjoyed challenging my brain though I get stuck on 4 letter words, urgh!

Super fun!

This game challenges you to find words long after it seems impossible that there are any left. Addictive!

The best

Love this game to death

Word fun

Addictive fun

Thumbs up!

I have only had the game for a few hours, but I have really been enjoying it. The coin collection process seems to be better than some of the other games. You actually get a fair amount of compensation so you can afford to purchase a hint if you need one. I recommend the game.


Keeps the mind fresh !!!!!

Great game

Love this game keeps my attention and helps to pass the time

Enjoy playing!

It’s a really fun game!


Great word game for any age group.

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