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Word game

Alot of fun. Easy to navigate and use. Keeps my brain thinking


Levels need to be more challenging as you reached higher levels. Other than that the game is fine!

Like ads?

Good ad pop-up app with a fun word game in between.



Great Mental Relaxation


Such an amazing game and a great brain teaser

Wow I can’t stop playing so much fun

Word game

I like this game best of all

Chrissy Pooh

Awesome fun game very challenging,love it so addictive 😍😍


This game is definitely worth playing.

Butterfly Baybii

I love this game

Great brain gym!

Thanks a bunch for producing this game. Really!

My opinion

Love it keeps me focused and brain is being exercised at same time . Thank u

Why it’s good for kids

It’s good for kids.the learn how to spell.thats really it but it’s good.


Fun. Challenging. Makes you think!

Absolutely love it

I love this game!

Word Connect

Very fun game starts out easy and progresses to a great continuously challenging adventure! Well Done!!

Fun and entertaining

I love this game, however...it doesn’t always recognize real words! It will recognize slang but not plurals of other words. It is a little frustrating at times. It just needs a little tweaking and it will be perfect!

Word connect

Keeps brain busy, great game

Great fun (can’t stop playing, actually)

My wife and I love this game The ONLY thing I would change is being able to find out about bonus words without having to GO LOOK FIRST, it would be nice to know IF there are bonus words (without having to actually navigate to the bonus word screen) THEN, (when there ARE bonus words) it would be nice to know when I’ve found them all (without having to check each time you get one) Could there be a small indicator on THE MAIN SCREEN that shows the player that ALL bonus words have been identified 😁


Such a quick paced, fun word game. I’m really enjoying it.


This is a great game for all ages fun to play as a family


Mind game, use it or lose it. For real

Fun to play

This game is fun...so far...

Love discovering new words

Love playing this game, addictive

This game is awesome

This game is a awesome and I can’t get a better thing. I can’t get it away from it


The flashing ad for Rubics cube game is annoying and I have quit playing some days to get away from it. But love the challenge of new letter combos at every level!


This game is the best it makes you think and be creative but it is also very addictive I only got it to beat my sisters by getting to higher levels then them.


This game is fun not to easy not to hard just the way I like it. That is all I have to say


I love it but please lower the price of hints I’m gonna go broke!

Word Cross

Addicting. Can’t stop playing. Love the challenge.

Word Connect

Great game!

Could be fun

It’s the adds...so many...it doesn’t give hint after watching the add sometime....and they are quite lengthy...and you have to pay to stop adds...too much.

Love it!!!


Mejor vocabulario

Aumenta el número de palabras que podemos utiliza



Word connect

Love this game!karej

Love this game

I play for hours and don”t realize how much time has passed. It is addicting, but fun..... Keeps my brain working....


Great game and I enjoy the challenge but I hate the multiple ads.

Buh or glitch

Using iPhone 7 and have made it to level 40 something, and all of the sudden, the game keeps automatically exiting and returning to my home screen.. when I click back on the app to try and play again, an AD pops up right after the main page with the big green play button does, then exits back out again.. it’s on a non ending vicious cycle. I’ve restarted the phone twice to continue playing, and it starts closing out on me again after a couple stages or so..


Un juego súper entretenido que me mantiene pendiente de las sílabas trabadas, diptongos e hiatos que retan la mente a la hora de formar las palabras! Ahora con crucigrama también. Me encanta

Cannot close Ads...

Ok. I understand that ads are important, especially for the free apps like this one. I also understand that the developers would need to include ads to get some revenue, but if you are going to include ads, place them so that users can close them or use ads that are formatted correctly. Ads are misplaced or misaligned so they can’t be closed.

Word Connect

I play on desktop but now I can play anywhere or anytime.


Love playing my daughter hooked me up 😀

Bad change

The new daily system is awful. No incentive to play past one star. The old system was much better and rewarded you for getting three stars. Now if you miss two days in a month you won’t get the max reward. Also, why did the reward for guessing secret words disappear?


Fun game. Keeps mind working.


It is decent the game can be a little tricky to find the words.bit other than that it is a great game for you kids to play if they are learning to read. Also for figuring out how to spell and what words you can spell with these amount of words

Smart watch

Great game makes you think keeps you on your toes

My two daughters

My two daughters love this game and they always play this game on my phone.!



Awesomely addicting!!!

Love this can’t stop playing this.

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